General conditions



1.  With the reservation for one of our service or attraction give the customer her/his agreement with the following conditions.

 2. The customer could cancel her/his reservation by a written statement delivered at least 10 days before the date of the trip at the Blegny-Mine leisure centre. Failing that, would the cancellation  not be taken as effective and the entire price have to be paid.  If a group come with less people then foreseen on the reservation statement, the entire price (for the total amount of person) would be request except if Blegny-Mine leisure centre have been notice 24 hours before.  

3. For the program including a cruise, the reservations of a group below 40 persons could not be accepted except another group have also made a reservation for a cruise at the same date. If the group is under 40 persons and there is no other group at the same date for the same program a compensation would be asked to reach the price of 40 persons.

"Fulfilment of the agreement"

4. Blegny-Mine leisure centre will do his best to give the customer the awaiting service . Blegny-Mine leisure centre could not be hold as responsible in case of disturbance due to major reason, to  a third, to another customer, the customer himself or someone from his group.

5. A machine breakdown could not give right to a compensation except when the delay is above an hour. Even if the delay is above an hour a compensation would not be given except the customer day has been really disturbing. So, no compensation when the foreseen activities  have been reverse in order to give all the reserved activities.

"Payment of the visits"

6. All the visits have to be paid cash except written agreement on the reservation statement. If an invoice is made, it have to be paid “30 days end of the month”, in our office or in one of our bank account. If the invoice is not paid, it will be increase with a fixed and irreducible compensation, equal at 18% of the total amount with a minimum of 25 euros. Moreover, the invoice will give interests with a rate of 15 % from the date of his payability on till his full payment, all beginning month will be due. There is no need of notice to let the interest run.


All complaints should be made directly in our office. If not possible by recorded letter within 8 days after the reception of the invoice.


Only the court of “Liège” have the competence to judge a disagreement within which Blegny-Mine leisure centre will be involved as plaintiff or defendant. If the disagreement is a matter of the « canton », the first  “canton of Liège” will be competent.


Except special event, our multipurpose room (330 seats) is available to schools for picnics with the purchase of a consumption per student (soft 20 cc or regional juice) at the price of € 1,00 or possibly :
- 1 drink in can (33 cl): € 1,80
- 1 serving of fries: 2,50 € (with sauce)
- 1 serving of fries + 1 fricadelle: 4,00 € (with sauce)
Order to specify when booking the activity.

Menus can be obtained when booking 1 week prior to the visit for a minimum of 15 persons. To ensure optimal service, you should book the same menu for the whole group. The number of meals booked can be changed up to 48 hours before the date of the visit. Charges include VAT and service (free for the coach driver and group leader).


Guides / teachers are admitted free of charge (with a maximum of one free admission per 20 people paying).
Free admission + lunch for coach drivers.


There is wheelchair access to the mine subject to booking in advance, with an adapted route. Toilet available in the cafeteria. Guide dogs are permitted, except in the mine.