The slag heap biotope

Discover the life on and around the slag heap.

Blegny-Mine - le biotope du terril
Explore the Blegny-Mine slag heap and discover the plants that have become established there ©Blegny-Mine 

With the help of an audioguide (FR-NL-D-GB), discovers with Marcel and his butterfly the history of this biodiversity. Nature has reconquered this mountain.
Different kinds of plants (birches, wild carrots) and animals (blue winged locusts, frogs) have now made home here.
You can also use the news stairs to reach the top of the slag heap at 57 metres where you'll have a magnificient view of the area.
This visit will totally change your view of a nature and the role that our slag heaps now play in it.



Did you know?

We normally talk about “the” slag heap, but in fact Blegny-Mine has two, from different periods. The first dates from the period between the First and Second World Wars, while the second started to be built up in 1947. A third slag heap should have been started in the 1970s, as the second had reached its maximum height, but because the site was programmed to close, the management side-stepped having to make this investment by flattening out the second slag heap, which is why it is a strange shape and looks like a simple pile of stones. Hence the reference to “the” slag heap, in the singular.

Blegny-Mine - vue aérienne du terril

Aerial view of the slag heap© SPW DGO4 G. Focant