Thanks to our partners, you can enjoy advantageous rates for the guided tour of the mine or the many other activities at Blegny-Mine all year round.* 

*The period of validity may vary depending on the discount.

Discounts cannot be transferred or used together with other promotions.

For further information, or to find out who all our partners are, contact 04/387 43 33 or

The following partners offer discounts:

FTPL, Atos Wordline, Carte Prof, Educpass, Lerarenkaart, Passeport 365, ADAC-Campcard, Ardennes-Etape, Article 27, Auberge de jeunesse, Carte Camping +, Escapade en Wallonie, Ligue des Familles, Minicards Limburg, Op stap in de Drienlandenregio, Sports & Culture, Sunparks Vielsam, Walcome Loisirs, Wallonie Passion, etc.