Discover an authentic coal mine

Due to the health crisis linked to the coronavirus, reservations for groups of adults and seniors as well as for secondary and higher schools are not possible at the moment. Reservations for nursery and primary schools as well as for families are authorized.

Located between Liège and Maastricht, Blegny-Mine is one of the four authentic coal mines in Europe with underground galleries accessible for the visitors through the original shaft. Equipped with a jacket and a helmet, take the mining cage down to the galleries located - 30 and - 60 metres below the ground level to understand how coal was extracted.

Find out all about the fascinating lives of the miners and their tough working conditions. See the technical equipment underground, the coal, the noisy machinery, ...

The visit continues with the wash and sorting installations, from the arrival until transport and sale of the coal.

Blegny-Mine and the 3 others major mining sites of Wallonia (Bois du Cazier, Bois-du-Luc and Grand-Hornu) are recognized since July 2012 as the Unesco World Heritage.

The history of Blegny-Mine

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With the support of Province of Liège, the Wallonian Region and the EFRO-Program