Archives Centre

The Centre Liégeois d’Archives et de Documentation de l’Industrie Charbonnière (CLADIC) makes its archive collection of more than 100,000 documents of all kinds covering the mining industry in general and coal-mining in the Liège basin in particular available free of charge to historians, researchers, teachers, and interested amateurs. 

consultation de documents au centre d'archives de Blgny-Mine
The Centre d'archives et de documentation de l'industrie charbonnière © Blegny-Mine
livret de mineurs à consulter au centre d'archives
The Cladic brings together more than 50,000 books of minors that it is possible to consult © Blegny-Mine 

The archive, which can be consulted at the Centre or on the internet, is made up of many reference works, monographs, posters, photos and archives (in particular Professeurs Stassen collection) as well as a collection of more than 50,000 mine-workers’ employment record book tracing the careers of these workers during the second half of the 19th and the whole of the 20th centuries.

Photocopies can be made in the centre and, within reason, document scans can be sent by e-mail.  For schools, there is a special introduction for pupils to learn about finding and classification of books, and searching the internet using keywords (see educational events). A series of conferences is also held every year.

Opening Times:

Monday to Friday, 09.00 to 17.00
By appointment on Mondays, Saturday mornings, and Wednesdays between 17.00 and 19.00.
Registration is free of charge.


50 metres from the main entrance to Blegny-Mine
Rue Lambert Marlet, 17
: +32(0)4/237 98 18
+32(0)4 237 98 51